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Carson and Chandler | Nashville, TN | Engagement Photos at Long Hunter State Park


Please can I ask which lens you used I am thinking 50mm and 85mm

I used a 35mm and a 24mm!

What time of the day was this shoot? I have a hard time sometimes when the sun is this harsh.

It was just a couple of hours before sunset! I love shooting this time of day!

Hello! Love your work! After watching the video about this session I have few q:
1. Are you Nikon shooter? What cameras do you use?
2. What is the story behind using 24 and 35 mm, two lenses that are that close in focal length?
3. Do you ever use reflectors or additional lighting for outdoor sessions?

I use Nikon D810 and D750! I switch it up but I love the super wide look with the 24mm! But my main lens is a 35mm. Just personal preference. I used to use reflectors a long time ago but I don’t anymore. Just too much hassle.

I watched the behind the scenes to this photoshoot and I loved everything about it! I love your personality and how you direct people and communicate with them. Even I felt comfortable and happy while you were directing someone else! I think you’re doing so amazing and I hope your business will thrive beyond your expectations (seems like it already is!)!

Thank you SO much for sharing your behind the scenes of this shoot! It was so helpful – I’m just starting to explore photography + portrait sessions, and this was really helpful in understanding posing and interacting with a couple. Thank you!!

I just found and watched the video of this session that you posted on YouTube. It was fabulous and gave me ideas of what I can do to get authentic smiles from my own couples. Your work is stunning. Thanks so much for posting the behind the scenes footage.

I’m so glad this was helpful!!

I saw the BTS for this shoot and found it so helpful! I am shooting my first ever engagement session and watched the video for ideas to pose and direct couples!

Awesome! Glad it was helpful!

I found your video on youtube. Many thanks for it! Very helpful and inspirational. Do you over or underexpose the fotos in the camera or are you basically on 0? I mean with the light below I guess you would underexpose for the post production?

I try to expose right in the middle!

Youtube fan over here! You share a lot of your lens and settings in the comment section of your videos but I’m wondering if you’re ever using an ND filter when shooting these kinds of portraits? Thanks!

I don’t use ND filters:)

What editing platform do you use? I also watched the YouTube video on this and it is very helpful and inspirational as I’m doing my first engagement session!

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